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RDP's mission and funding:

Part of RDP's mission is to provide support to our users. Email and phone contacts are available on the contacts page.

NIEHS Superfund Research Program

About the RDP Pipeline

RDP's Pipeline aims to simplify the processing of large rRNA sequence libraries (including single-strand and paired-end reads) obtained through high-throughput sequencing technology. This site offers tools for assembly, quality filtering, taxonomy based analysis and taxonomy independent analysis tools, and tools to convert the data to formats suitable for common ecological and statistical packages.

For large datasets, please use our command line tools, available through RDPTools GitHub.

If you use RDPipeline, please cite our most recent article.

Visit our HELP page (with a topical list) or try our new Procedural Tutorials (with example files).

Problems with the pipeline?
Please contact us and we will help you get your sequences processed.


Pyro News

10/07/2015  Xander assembler article is published.
Xander: Employing a Novel Method for Efficient Gene-Targeted Metagenomic Assembly

10/07/2015  Warcup Fungal ITS article is accepted!
Fungal identification using a Bayesian Classifier and the 'Warcup' training set of Internal Transcribed Spacer sequences.

07/08/2015  *** Pyro Job Submission up ***
Hardware Issues causing pyro issues now fixed

07/08/2015  Pyro Job Submission Down
Job Submission is currently down

05/28/2015  RDP Staff attending ASM Meeting in New Orleans
RDP staff will be attending the ASM General Meeting in New Orleans in the coming week. Two RDP posters will be presented: first on Tuesday morning:...

05/26/2015  RDP Release 11.4 available
Updated 16S rRNA hierarchy model to training set No. 14.

03/27/2015  FrameBot new option Add de novo to references available
Unique abundant query sequences will be added to the starting reference set if qualifications are met.

02/23/2015  WARNING -- RDP unavailable Sat., March 7th
Building network infrastructure upgrades planned 8 A.M. through 6 P.M.

02/16/2015  Introducing Xander assembler
RDP's new gene-target metagenomic assembler, Xander, is released

10/21/2014  Classifier provides gene copy number adjustment
RDP Classifier provides gene copy number adjustment for 16S gene sequences.


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